Ground Medical Transport

With costs comparable to Commercial Medical Escort (CME) Services, Ground Transport is less weather dependent and the patient can be delivered directly without the stress of flight or vehicle transfers. May be Pet Friendly and Restroom Facilities usually available.


Ground Medical Transport

When comfort is needed more than speed, our Ground Medical Transport crew is often the BEST CHOICE. Patients can bypass the stresses of flight and enjoy a Reclined Stretcher/Bed, on-board Restroom Facilities, and may even be PET FRIENDLY (at a cost close to Commercial Medical Escort.)

Medical Attendant Services

Our most popular choice, due to cost and time savings combined, a Medical Attendant leverages the most efficient commercial airlines to move patients quickly, with a much lower cost than our Private Air Ambulance Service.

Air Ambulance (AA) Service

Global Air Ambulance Service can cover the most distance quickest and can be custom tailored for each patients quality care requirements. Domestic Air Ambulance Service allows for FAST travel with a private schedule, skipping Commercial flight delay issues.

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